Let’s Take a Break from this Mobile Craze!



Having recently been employed by a mobile provider, it was easy to let myself become obsessed with my mobile device. I think that’s true for many women, especially business women, to let ourselves get caught up in this wireless revolution. Yes, it’s great to have wireless technology as a means to be productive in both our professional and personal lives, but when does it cross the line? When does it become too much?  If you’d asked me that a few months ago, I would have defensively said never, and maybe even denied that my smart-phone had become my most prized possession… let me rephrase, my most prized fixation.

Then one evening at my five year old’s soccer game, while keeping up with my social networking websites, I just happened to take a break and look up. What I saw frightened me. Almost every single parent at that game had their face down into their phone. We might have all been there physically, but our mind and spirit was somewhere else. Embarrassed at myself I turned my phone off, and for the first time this soccer season dedicated my full attention to the game.

I’d come to the realization that I paid more attention to my emails, text messages, phone calls, online games, status updates, etc., than I do everything else around me. Geez, I’d go on a dinner date with my sister, and we both had our phones in-hand, hardly having a conversation with each other but rather keeping up with a thread over some random subject on Facebook. Does this all seem too familiar? If not, then look around you… We’re just too overwhelmed with technological advances, and have come to abuse the fascinating innovations that our culture has adopted.

So now that we’ve taken the first step in admitting our addiction… what’s next? Do we throw our Blackberrys and iPhones out the window? Absolutely not. Let’s not be crazy here, ladies! We don’t have to drastically alter our lifestyle to make a change. Try turning your phone off every so often; while at a ball game, maybe dinner, a walk in the park, even during a night out with the gals. Trust me, being not as accessible to the world can be… surprisingly liberating. Let’s go back to appreciating the little things in life. I’ve gone as far as deleting some applications and push email to my device, insane! I know! I feel justified in doing so though, knowing that my son, my family, my city, my surroundings will all get the best of me and in turn I know I will get the best from them!

Rebecca Diaz is a summer intern at the WBDC.


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