Networking Part 2: Preparation


Nothing beats face to face for some products/services – especially people services. Last time, we talked about what you should do at a networking event, like WBDC’s Connection Points Industry/Service Specific networking series. Today we talk about preparation. Developing criteria for attending a networking function and/or joining an association or organization will help you decide what events and organizations are best for you and your business.

Some considerations:

  • What is your budget in time and money–for meeting fees, drinks, travel to and from, membership dues, etc.?
  • Which venues/organizations/associations/groups should you target?
  • What is the level of people who attend? Are they decision makers/influencers?
  • Why is it valuable for you to go?
  • How many quality contacts do you want to make?  Set a goal before you go.  Quantity doesn’t always equal quality, and often fewer contacts per event is better.

If you follow these guidelines, you will see an improvement in the payoff of building relationships and furthering the possibility of discovering specific solutions to problems you can solve for the people you meet and/or the people they know!

The Women’s Business Development Center offers programs and services for aspiring and establisted women business owners in all stages of business development.  Make sure you check out our upcoming Connection Points networking series for Accountants & Attorneys; Architects, Construction & Interior Designers; and Web Designers & Social Media Mavens!


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