Networking Part 3: Follow-up


Last time, we focused on what to do before a networking event.  The time before that, we discussed what to do at the event, and now, it is time to focus on what you must do after a networking event to make sure you maximize the investment of time and money you just made!

Remember your objectives (e.g. develop relationships, offer referrals and get referrals).  You are not done until you input the relevant business cards you gathered into your contact base.  So, on your way home or within 12 hours of the event:

  • Look at and read each business card you received
  • Identify where you met them, why you will contact them and when
  • Set a goal to reach a few contacts a day, or set aside a 1-2 hour slot per week, and reward yourself for making those initiatives to reconnect!
  • Follow your plan–most businesses fail because they don’t; those who succeed have a plan and work it.

The Women’s Business Development Center offers programs and services for aspiring and establisted women business owners in all stages of business development.  Make sure you check out our upcoming Connection Points networking series, starting September 29, 2010, for Accountants & Attorneys; Architects, Construction & Interior Designers; and Web Designers & Social Media Mavens!


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