Growing Industries for Small Business Start-ups

At the Women’s Business Development Center we see clients with a variety of business ideas, and as a business counselor, I ask that they also look within themselves to discover their passions and strengths. This is a great way to discover what type of business would best suit you, and it is imperative to discover these passions before opening your business. Running your business will entail working long, hard hours, and passion can help you keep going.

Once you know yourself and your passions, it’s also a good idea to know what industries are currently growing – often the intersection of a growing industry and your passions can be the site of the perfect business for you. Below are some of the fastest growing industries of 2010, as ranked by Within these fast growing industries, I will share with you what our own clients have shared me on their journey to find their passion.

As the year closes, take time to reflect on what drives you in your business.  Or to those still thinking of starting a business, look for your strengths and passions, and soon enough you will be able to discover the business best suited for you. Click here to see the complete list of the fastest growing industries of 2010.

Maria Lopez is Director of Latina Programs at the WBDC.


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