Happy Valentine’s Day! (Small Business Style)

This year, we’ve decided to skip the Valentine’s Day cynicism and go straight for the feel-good warm and fuzzies. On the WBDC Facebook page, we asked small business owners to tell us, “Who do you love for making your small business life a little better?” Then, we asked the same question to some of our business counselors. We’ve compiled all these shout-outs from contributors in their own words, and let me tell you, you can’t help but love these people! They’re innovative and dedicated; they go above and beyond to keep area small businesses going. Reading through them can’t help but make your Valentine’s Day better (especially if you’re one of the people mentioned).  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Click on each photo in the gallery below to find out who these women are giving some Valentine’s Day love to!

Thanks to all who contributed! Show them a little love by following them on Twitter (handles included with photos). Share your own small business shout-out in the comments below!


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