Explore Chicago with Chicago Detours

Amanda Scotese of Chicago Detours, a WBDC client, is enriching our beautiful city of Chicago with her bus and walking tours.  This past weekend, I went on the “Our Chicago Sound: Jazz, Blues and Beyond” bus tour with about 20 other music lovers to learn more about the history and relationship of blues and jazz and visit some little known Chicago locations where some great faces and sounds appeared in the 1920s.

The tour bus is equipped with TV screens from which Amanda narrated related history (some featuring my favorite Chicagoan, Studs Turkel).  At one point we played a little game, and she gave out delicious prizes from another great woman-owned WBDC client, Lauren Pett who makes Rich Chocolates!  Mmm!  The icing was on the cake when we enjoyed red velvet cookies at Chi Bakery near the old Chess Records store, and a blues artist joined us for the last leg of the tour.  Chicago Detours is also committed to giving back to the community – at the end of the tour Amanda collected donations for the company’s educational initiatives, as well as those of Blues Camp, a summer camp for students in grades 6-12 focused on promoting and preserving the Blues traditions, and the Chicago Jazz Institute.

From the Aragon Ballroom to Bronzeville, this tour was a learnin’ load of fun!  For more information, please visit www.chicagodetours.com/tours/.

[Video and photo courtesy of Amanda Scotese, Chicago Detours.]



Meg Herman is Director of Entrepreneurial Services at the WBDC.



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