Valentine’s Blog: What do you love most about owning your own business?

Valentine’s Day is a day spent showing the one we love special attention by sending flowers, chocolate and other trinkets of affection (hopefully all from a locally-owned establishment).  Let’s not overlook the love entrepreneurs have for their businesses.  This year we asked the question “What do you love most about owning your own business?” through Facebook, Twitter and on LinkedIn.  Check  out the responses below and leave a comment with what you love most!

“It is intoxicatingly fulfilling to realize a dream and feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose that I have never felt before”

Linda Quarshie is a recent WBDC FastTrac Graduate and owner of AOAactivewear. Learn more about her active wear line here and follow here @AOAactivewear.

“I love that I can think ‘outside the box’ to find a solution to unique needs as they arise without going through other channels for approval.  My business potential is only limited by my imagination.”
Robin Frank is a Long Term Care Analyst & Planning Strategist.  You can find out more about her business here or here.

“I love the politics of owning a love-driven company, I love the feeling that I can do something meaningful with my life by lifting other entrepreneurs, I love the freedom to create and explore new business opportunities, I love the dedicated people with whom I work – like the peeps in this group and I love the entrepreneur spirit.”

Lennie Rose is CEO of The Big Ooga, a Chicago-based small business and entrepreneur networking community.  Learn more here, or follow Lennie @BigOoga.

“I love the fact that it gives me the flexibility to do charitable work and spend quality time with my family without feeling guilty or like I’m undermining my career.”

Max Elliott is a Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning Attorney located in the Chicago area.  Learn more about her business here and follow her @maxelliottlaw.

“The ability to chose who I work with so they align with the beliefs and ethics of how I want business portrayed.”

Lori Johnson is the President of Ladies, Start Your Engines! LLC.  Learn more about her business here or follow her @LSYE.

“I like that my business is a reflection of me.  I like being able to push myself in ways I didn’t think I could.  Sounds trite but it’s absolutely true.”

Cynthia Collins Cieckiewicz is the owner of Uptown Soda Bread, learn more here or follow her @UptownSodaBread.

“I love that my business provides jobs for others!”

Adela Red is a product & service company that coordinates events, offer set and show services, as well as apparel and accessory products. Learn more about Adela Red here.

“I love being able to spend quality time with my family and still be able to use my type A personality to help other businesses succeed.”

Kimberly Loftis provides a broad range of financial management and business consulting services to a variety of clients as well as individuals. Learn more about Loftis Consulting here.

” I just sent out 2011 tax forms to my employees. I love providing jobs!”

Lauren Milligan is President of ResuMAYDAY, which provides resume development, interviewing skills coaching, networking coaching and everything that job seekers need to conduct a high-impact job search.  Learn more here and follow her company @ResuMAYDAY

“It’s the next best thing to giving birth! Creating your own business and watching it grow is amazingly fulfilling, particularly if your “baby” helps others grow within the industry as well.”

Jill Glaser is a Freelance Media Makeup Artist at Make Up First, LLC in Chicago.  Check out her company here and follower her @makeupfirstschool.


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