Contracting Tips from WBDC’s IL PTAC Director

Freida Curry

Freida Curry, IL PTAC Director

Contracting with local and federal government agencies can be a challenging process without the proper guidance.  The Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) at the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) is here to assist in this process.  Freida Curry, IL PTAC Director sat down to give five tips to building an effective government contracting strategy:

  1. Laser focus on one or two government agencies in which to do business.  Do your research to find government agencies that buy what your business sells
  2. Create a capability statement for your business.  This “living” document lists your core competencies, past performance distinctions and other pertinent information about your business.  Click here to read more about capability statements.
  3. If you want to do business with the Federal government, you will need to register your business in the System for Award Management (SAM). Please click here to access the SAM website. If you want to do business with a local government agency, register yourself as a vendor on their procurement page.
  4. Report your economic impact! Reporting of your economic impact is directly tied to the funding PTACs receive to keep counseling free and keep workshops and seminars at a low (or no) cost. (Illinois businesses may report economic impact by clicking here.)
  5. Schedule a counseling session at no charge with your local PTAC. If your business is located in Illinois, please click here to register for PTAC counseling, if your business is not located in Illinois; please click here to locate the PTAC nearest you. PTACs can provide your business with:
    • Customized research to be applied to your government contracting strategy
    • A free service such as Bid Match to send contract opportunities tailored to business straight to your email
    • A review of your bid package, capability statement, SAM profile and many other government contract related documents

For more information or to schedule a PTAC appointment today please contact Kristin Travis at or 312.853.3477.


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